Delawareans for the Equal Rights Amendment

Our Mission

Delaware ERANow is a coalition of Delaware women and men working for passage and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

It is long past time—228 years since its ratification—for the United States Constitution to reflect that women are equal to men and to afford them the same rights and protections our Constitution promises for all citizens. Passage of the ERA, and its explicit prohibition of sex discrimination, is essential to providing the clarity, consistency in application, and legal force essential to reversing the history of personal, social and economic discrimination women continue to experience.


The audience of 150+ for the Oct. 4th Equal Means Equal screening were glued to their seats, by turn laughing at the ludicrous reasons the U.S. Constitution does not recognize women’s equality and appalled at the consequences of that absence for women and children. Delaware ERANow would like to thank all who made this “sold out” event such a success. Particular thanks go to Jessica Neuwirth of the ERA Coalition and Dean Rodney Smolla of the Delaware Law School for leading the post film discussion. In all, a rousing success.

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Equal Rights Amendment for Women

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