Monthly Archives: May 2017

HB5 – Equal Rights Amendment to Delaware Constitution

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst introduces House Bill 5 for an Equal Rights Amendment to Delaware Constitution. “No person shall be denied equal rights under the law.” The bill has bipartisan and female and male cosponsors and supporters.

Given the absence of federal protection of their rights, this bill is particularly important to women.

Call, write, email your representative and senator to express your strong support and to urge passage of this landmark legislation. read more...

Delaware ERANow panel at Women and the Law Section, Delaware State Bar Association

Delaware ERANow was invited by the Delaware State Bar Association’s Women and the Law Section to present a panel discussion about the ERA on April 27, 2017 in Dover. ERANow members Erin Daly, Suzanne Moore, and Karen Peterson–along with Jessica Neuwirth of the national ERA Coalition–engaged in an informative discussion with the attorneys and a number of legislators who attended. Thanks to Rebecca Byrd and Kyle Evans Gay (ERANow members) for arranging the event. read more...