ERANow Meetings with Senators Carper and Coons

Representatives from ERANow met with Senator Tom Carper on January 7th to discuss his views on the Equal Rights Amendment and urge him to support its passage in the Senate, by signing on as a co-sponsor. After discussion, the Senator said he would like a month to consult with constitutional experts and other sources, and then he would get back to ERANow with his position.

Suzanne Moore accompanied Jessica Neuwirth, president of the national ERA Coalition and Bettina Hager, D.C. Director, to a meeting with Senator Coons in Washington, DC on January 12th. Senator Coons was urged by the ERA Coalition to sponsor a third version of the ERA introduced by Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) or become a co-sponsor of one of the other resolutions. Delaware is fortunate to have Senator Coons on the Senate Judiciary Committee, as this is the committee to which the two existing joint resolutions have been forwarded. Senator Coons also asked for a few weeks to familiarize himself with the resolutions and then he will get back to the ERA Coalition and ERANow regarding his position.